Tuesday, November 10th, 2009


For the next several weeks, we will be re-designing the garage to turn into our kayak showroom...we now have angler kayaks for sale or rent, along with a bunch of kayaking accessories. Our webpage titled "Kayaking" will be filled in soon, so keep checking back to see what we have going on.


Also, we have a new page titled "Sale Items", and every week we will be posting select items and markdowns for our customers. We will also be gearing up for our big Thanksgiving Sale, so keep an eye on that!


1st Annual Christmas Light Parade


We have figured out the format for this year's 1st ever festival of lights!! As the inaugural year of the parade, there will be no entry fee...anyone can put their boat in the water and enter the parade. Amy and I will lead the parade from the marina around the island that separates the Forest River from the Grove River, and we will make two loops. Our boat, the Legend, will be the Grand Rudolph, and therefore, we are excluded from the competition, but our boat will be decorated and we will carry the large red globe on the bow to signify Rudolph's lead boat. All boats will follow behind, decorated with Christmas lights. I will have my famous eggnog for all participants prior to leaving the docks. As the Grand Rudolph, Amy and I will also be the 2 judges by water, and we will have a third judge who sits on land. After the two loops, the winner will be declared and the prize will be a bottle of Dom Perignon for New Year's! The winner will then be the Grand Rudolph for next year's event, which makes them the judge by water, excluding them from the competition. We have set the date of Saturday, December 12th, at about 7 pm, which should be plenty dark by then. Decorating your boat with lights is an easy thing to do...if you have an inverter, you just hook up to your battery and your lights are on. If you don't have one, $30 will get you a nice one from Radio Shack. This should be a fun event and we look forward to everyone's participation!!


Oh yeah, City Council approved our beer package license, so as soon as we get the state license, Coffee Bluff Marina will be back to selling beer!! Come visit us sometime!





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