Saturday, October 31st, 2009

 What a terrific day we had this past Thursday! The film crew from "Nuts & Bolts About Fishing" was on hand to allow us to take them out in the flats with kayaks in tow to discover a whole different world where boats must leave with the tide, but kayaks can stay behind and stealthily punish the bruiser reds.....somewhere out there a school of reds is saying among themselves "Man O' Man, now who in the hell figured this out??" and the answer will come back "Coffee Bluff Marina!!"

 Pictured above is Tony Narcisse, president of the Georgia Kayak Fishing Association. He came down from Atlanta to take part in the shoot, and did he have a good time??!! Tony, at one point, was positioned to where the big reds were trying to push past him, and as he was hooked up, three of four punched through him and his kayak to get past. His kayak literally raised up as they pushed under him! 

 This photo above shows Tony eagerly awaiting an ambush as myself, Jackson Walker, and David, with the cameras, sit in my boat pointing out and capturing the action on film. This will make for some wonderful coverage and I believe it is going to air the week of Thanksgiving or the week after on Fox Sports South Network (FSS). The "Nuts & Bolts About Fishing" airs on Thursdays at noon and Sundays at 7 am. We'll post when it should air as the time comes near, but Capt. Cefus McRae and David are really nice guys and we enjoyed working with them. Check out the "Nuts & Bolts About Fishing" website as you may find some information that could help catch more fish!


 Of course, no kayak adventure would be complete without last week's Kayak Tournament champion tagging along to show Capt. Cefus where and how to get on the fish. Pictured above is Capt. Cefus with Chris Chappell. Chris is holding up one of many reds he caught, and he and Cefus are on air discussing the catch.

 Our friend, Jackson Walker, went along and took his 25 foot Parker to bring the kayaks for the adventure. As a reward for his hospitality, I showed him how to properly use a brand new rod and reel he purchased from us as I landed a nice bruiser red from the boat, allowing the cameraman opportunity to get some close up footage of what a red can do. Nice rod & reel combo, Jackson!

 Also along for the journey was Dr. Jerry Case. Jerry was going to serve as the scout team just in case we couldn't find them. By the time I called him to tell him we were on them, he had already boated 4 in his kayak, his first kayak fishing experience. Jerry said he was thrilled as these bruiser reds pulled him around in his kayak in 6 inches of water. Below is a picture of him bringing one to his kayak.

 Catching 4 big reds on your first kayak trip is impressive, and Jerry showed his skill as he put one in the boat, pictured below.

 This is an exciting new concept, and we at Coffee Bluff Marina are the first and only bait and tackle shop/marina on the coast of Georgia to embrace the sport. We offer guided kayak fishing excursions leaving directly from the marina, and also our backcountry kayaking. We'll load you up with the kayaks and Chris (the best guide on the coast) and I will carry you to an area boaters never venture to. We'll drop you off and let Chris show you a world where very, very few have ever traveled. Give me another week and the page titled "Kayaking" will have all that information and more. We'll also post the airing of "Nuts & Bolts About Fishing" as soon as we hear the air date.

 Don't forget, Saturday, November 7th, 2009, the 2009 Alderman's Cup Grand Slam Tournament will be held out of Coffee Bluff Marina. For more information, click on the "News and Events" page, or give us a call at the marina at 925-7474.


 Monday, October 26th, 2009

 Troy Gattis ambled over to the marina carrying a 4 pound 15 ounce flounder yesterday, so his picture is above with his big doormat. We saw several flounder the past few days, but none as big as this fattie flattie. Nice job, Troy!

 Amy and I would like to extend a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to our friend and local bench warmer Chris Chappell for winning the Georgia Kayak Fishing Association's 2009 Charity Coastal Tournament this past Saturday, the 24th!! Chris finished 1st Place with a 54" grand slam...his redfish went 22 inches, his trout went 15 inches, and his flounder went 17 inches. I am proud that Chris takes the time out of his busy schedule to drop in on us at the Bluff to keep us informed of fishing and kayak information...big, big things are on the horizon!! I am equally proud and simply damn happy that Chris is going to be my partner in the upcoming 2009 Alderman's Cup Grand Slam Tournament in less than two weeks out of our marina! All I have to do is drive the boat and sip on some beers and let Chris handle the rest! Here is a picture of Chris doing what he does best...


 The past several days has seen some tremendous redfish action, from keeper size to big bulls. Out on the shoals, big bull reds continue to haunt our grounds...they are fairly easy to catch if you want to have your picture taken with one. Simply cruise up to some shallow shoals being careful to keep the boat in deeper water where you won't get swamped, anchor up, and toss some mullet in the rougher, shallower waters. Or, if you want to have some fun, stop by and check out our 3 or 4 inch Gulp Pogy in various colors, then take them out to the shoals and let'em fly! Better hurry, though, as the big bull reds won't be around all year!

 This past weekend, we weighed in several reds right at 23 inches or slighly under that were beginning to show signs of fattening up. Capt. TJ Ryan stopped by with one that weighed in at 5 pounds 5 ounces. Several others clipped the 5 pound mark. Speckled trout are also on the catch list, mostly using live shrimp or live mud minnows, but a good amount also being caught on DOA, Gulps, and FishBites. Bigger flounder are also being caught, and many are in the 3 to 4 pound range. One of Capt. TJ Ryan's speckled trout went 2 pounds 15 ounces, pictured below.

 Several other fishermen had great days, as evidenced by Gordon Gnam with his redfish and trout pictured below from yesterday's hot action. Things are getting fired up on the Bluff!!  Stop by and check it all out!!

 Don't forget, Saturday, November 7th, 2009, the 2009 Alderman's Cup Grand Slam Tournament will be held out of Coffee Bluff Marina. For more information, click on the "News and Events" page, or give us a call at the marina at 925-7474.

Monday, October 19th, 2009

 Fall was upon us this past weekend...we had few fishermen out as afternoon winds were kicking it up and the tides were running fast. This past Saturday we did see a few whiting come into the docks, along with a few trout and redfish. Alderman Tony Thomas stopped in with a nice 1 pound 14 ounce trout, and some pictures of some oversized redfish that he caught and released while fishing from his boat The Majestic. His fish were caught on DOA shrimp and live shrimp.

 On Sunday (yesterday) we had a couple boats go out and search. One came in with a nice flounder, but mostly we heard of tough fishing conditions and scattered trout, whiting, and redfish. The flounder that are being caught are nice size flounder, and hopefully will continue for the next several weeks as the 2009 Alderman's Cup Grand Slam Tournament comes to town! For details about the tournament, click onto the "News and Events" page to read more about it.

 Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

 As I write this report the rain is coming down, but fear not! It should push out of here by tomorrow and the weekend is looking fairly nice! This gives us a chance to get out some inventory that was attempted to be delivered yesterday, but they arrived just after we closed, so today we have a big shipment of new reels for 2010, Gulps, rods, etc., etc., coming to town...stop by to check it all out!

 The picture above is Charles Harris who landed a grand slam this past Sunday while out fishing with his father, Chip. They had numerous redfish and a few trout, and one nice flounder...great job, Charles.

 The picture below is Robert Carver who stopped by with a whopping 2 pound 6 ounce black drum he landed off the docks just down the river from us, also caught on Sunday. Black drum of this size have been reported more often recently, but the main catch up and down the coast the past few days continue to be the redfish, with trout and flounder coming in a close second. 



Sunday, October 11th, 2009

 The picture above is Moe Sibilio who came in yesterday with this nice redfish going 4 pounds 14 ounces. Notice the 7 spots on one side, also...pretty fish. Yesterday we heard of a few trout scattered around, and some flounder were caught as well. We weighed in a real nice flounder caught by young Tyler Smith that went close to 3 pounds! We also heard of a report that a flounder went just over 6 pounds. The best of the day was red action...Capt. Fuzzy from the Ford Plantation stopped by and told us of some big bull reds that he and his party caught, and several boaters spoke to us of some good keeper size reds, and a few that were to big to keep. The big bull red action has hit a peek, with many being reported up and down the coast from Tybee to St. Catherines.

 Reports of some large sheepshead has trickled in from some guys who fished the Savannah River jetties, along with some bigger size trout. For the bottom fishermen, there is no shortage of whiting around, as you should easily be able to find them, along with some scattered black drum.

 Tuesday, October 6th, 2009

 Man Ol' Man...the reds are hot!!! Went up into the flats this morning and decided it was OK to get stuck when bruiser reds are creaming your Gulp baits!!  Within 5 minutes we had a grand slam...redfish, trout, and flounder. All nice size, all eager to pull drag. The bite lasted until we had to leave...this is going to be a great fall season of fishing!!


 Monday, October 5th, 2009

 There were more tripletails in the area this past Saturday than you could shake a hook at! The above photo is of Scott McAllister with two that he weighed in, although he caught and landed 5 and released three. His biggest went a whopping 14 pounds 4 ounces! The photo below is David Roach with a couple that his boat caught while out Saturday. His boat actually came in with three, as Jerry Case caught two and David had the biggest. The picture below that one is another tripletail that came in Friday!



 As yesterday was coming to a close, Captain TJ Ryan came in with a nice catch of redfish and flounder, and yes...even a whiting, to bump his total derby catch up to 7 species taking Scott McAllister's brief lead away. TJ's catch is below, sans the whiting. He kept the whiting alive in his livewell and released them unharmed after weighing it in! Great job, TJ!! 

 There were a good amount of trout and reds this past few days. Several of the catches included flounder, although not as many as we had expected with light winds and gentle moving waters. The speckled trout and redfish action has been terrific, though, and should only get better as the fall moves in!

  Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

 The last day of September brings relief from the heat, and tons of fish! Fall fishing has begun, and this past weekend we had a good amount of weigh-ins for our annual fish derby! Redfish, trout, sheepshead, black drum, whiting, tripletail, and flounder all came in to the scales.

 Above is a picture of Moe Sibilio with a nice trout he brought by Sunday afternoon. It was one of the biggest trout we saw this past weekend, and there were many trout coming in...mostly smaller ones, but a few fat ones, too. Below is a picture of Carlie Smith, who stopped by with a nice red and a black drum to add to his list for the derby.


Karl Branch was out on Saturday with John Giddens, and when they came back they had a mess of nice fish...trout and reds as pictured below with Karl holding up a few.

Finally, as we were closing Sunday evening, David Sloan stopped by with this nice red pictured below to put on the derby board! All in all, it was a fantastic weekend to be on the water. TJ Ryan also stopped by Monday afternoon to weigh in a couple tripletail. We were busy all weekend pulling out the scale to weigh in fish!

  Monday, September 21st, 2009

 Amy and I are back from a week on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, and upon our return we heard that the past week was mostly filled with rains, winds, and high tides; however, we did hear of various trout reports that were encouraging in our waters, along with some sheepshead and black drum being weighed in for our annual fish derby.

 Prior to our leaving the area, Jerry Case and Jimmy Davis came into the shop on separate days with tripletail to put on the derby board.


Once these tides begin to slow down, I think the fishing will get hot! Check out the photos of Jerry Case and Jimmy Davis with their tripletails caught prior to last week, and we'll get a new update on here within the next couple days!

  Monday, September 7th, 2009

 Wow! What a busy holiday weekend for Coffee Bluff Marina! Lots of boats out the past couple days, but most were probing the fishing grounds and pleasure riding.

 Our local bench warmer, John Giddens, came in with a very nice flounder weighing 3 pounds 4 ounces. His flounder is pictured above. Chris Chappell came in Saturday afternoon with several very nice sheepshead, one going 3 pounds 6 ounces to get on the board for the fishing derby.

 There are also some smaller trout being caught, and a few whiting coming in. Things should be getting better as the water temperatures begin to drop slightly.

 Also, with the changing of the daylight, season, etc., our hours will begin to change today. Our schedule will still be 7 days per week, but on Monday through Thursday, we will be open 7 am until 5 pm, on Friday we will be open 7 am until 6 pm, and on Saturday and Sunday we will open 6 am until 6 pm.

  Friday, September 4th, 2009

 The 1st Annual Coffee Bluff Marina Fish Derby got off with a bang yesterday with Dr. Jerry Case coming in with a nice trout and a nice flounder to take the 1st lead.! His photo is above with his nice catch.

 His lead didn't last long, though, as around noon today David Sloan came in with a grand slam...a redfish, trout, and flounder to take the lead...BUT, TJ Ryan came in this evening to take the lead with a redfish, trout, flounder, and a black drum! With a mere 361 days to go to determine the champion, things are getting heated up!

 Chris Chappell, the local kayak fishing wizard, caught a bunch of trout yesterday from his kayak, and also hooked a gator on a DOA...that isn't a gator trout, by the way, but an actual alligator!

  Tuesday, September 1st, 2009

 Mikey Morgan took a ride with Jackson Walker this past Sunday and landed this nice amberjack pictured above...on a cedar plug!!

 Redfish and trout continue to be caught up and down the coast. Jimmy Davis came in yesterday with another banner day, and several people we talked with said they are really nailing the trout, although many are small. The fall is shaping up to be a great year!

 Check out this photo of Craig Adams, who was spearfishing this past Sunday aboard Jackson Walker's boat as well...a nice hog snapper!



  Sunday, August 30th 2009

 Mason Sloan, all the way from San Diego, has been fishing with his grandfather, David Sloan, the past several days. His picture is above with a nice red they landed...they actually have been tearing the bass up! Actually, nearly everybody has been tearing the redfish up! Live baits, artificial baits such as Gulps, FishBites, name it, and it has been working!

The redfish bite has been really, really good. Chris Chappell took his kayak into some areas yesterday where he caught tons of trout, many on top water. He also found some good redfish action, too.

 Check out this photo of our Alderman, Tony Thomas, with a Grand Slam he hit yesterday...trout, reds, and flounder! The red went just under 23 is really good right now and it is only going to get better!



  Tuesday, August 25th, 2009

 Man, one of life's greatest rewards is not just catching fish, but being right about how to catch them!! Take a look at the photo above of my friend Chris Chappell fishing from his kayak yesterday. We've always known of a few spots back in the flats where vessels have to vacate as the water continues to drop, but a kayak can stay and fish. We loaded Chris' kayak and gear in the Pathfinder and headed off yesterday about 11am. If you want to see some crazy pictures of Chris hammering some nice 30 inch reds, go to this link on his kayak forum and check out his pix and report! is the link to cut and'll be quite amazed. Here it is August in skinny water and Chris beat them to pieces using Gulp pearl white swimming mullet. In fact, Chris had only a few baits when I dropped him off, so I handed him a tub of these baits that had been sitting in my console since last fall...mold was growing on the lid!

 We have decided to start running charter trips back up in the flats with kayakers in mind...stay tuned for more info!

Sunday, August 23rd, 2009

 David Sloan's granddaughter came all the way from San Diego a couple weeks ago and found some awesome redfishing, as evidenced in the photo above.

 These typical summer days of rain and storms, coupled with springing tides, has kept most boaters in the past several days. However, one or two ventured out, and the catches they had were better than fair for trout and reds.

 Prior to the new moon, there were also some good reports of Spanish mackerel. Lots of blue crabs up the rivers for those wishing to have a feast of crab.

 The Grand Re-Opening was held yesterday, and we were very surprised by the turn-out and support! Thanks to all who came out and showed how fortunate we are to be part of a wonderful community.

 Thanks go out to Coffee Bluff Marine Rescue for the awesome food. The Boston butts were first class! Thanks to Tim, Mikey Morgan, Dr. Jerry Case, David Roach, David Sloan, and all the others who stood over the smoke to see the job through! Thanks to Alderman Tony Thomas for your tremendous support and reminding us that we need barbeque sauce for the pig! Thanks to Chris Chappell, Trey Legget, Arthur Fleming, and Mark Munn for all the drinks through Georgia Kayak Fishing Association. Your support was monumental and we look forward to the future with our relationship. Thanks also goes out to Michael Carr from FishBites for spending time with us and showing how great a product they have...I'm sure there will be quite a few trout and bass, and flounder, who show up on the end of a FishBite this fall! Thanks also goes out to Abu Garcia, Eagle Claw, Uncle Josh's Saltwater Baits, and Flying Fishermen for the great door prizes.



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